V Marketplace

A festival-style shopping center once known as “Vintage 1870,” V Marketplace offers fine art galleries and restaurants, a wine tasting cellar and Napa Valley’s original hot air balloon company, all housed within and around the historic, 137 year-old Groezinger Winery complex.

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V Wine Cellar

V Wine Cellar is over 4,000 square feet of lounge, tasting room space, private dining, outdoor patio for fine cigars or champagne sabering, and wine retail. Come explore the most extensive wine selection in Napa Valley with several thousand exclusive, choice bottlings from around the world.

Wine Bottles.


Take a moment to come and appreciate the fine art galleries, lose yourself in the visual bliss.

Gallery 1870

Gallery 1870 features fine art from the Napa Valley with an exciting and eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary collections. This gallery offers a large selection of original art and unique reproductions. We are open daily from 10:00 – 5:00 PM. If you would like to visit outside of our scheduled hours or on a Tuesday or Wednesday, please call ahead and make an appointment.

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Food & Wine

Don’t miss out on phenomenal foods, acclaimed Napa restaurants, an exclusive wine tasting cellar and more.

Kollar Chocolates

Kollar Chocolates’ mission is to elevate chocolate into a sensory experience driven by new world flavors, modern artistry, ethically sourced ingredients, and innovation. Chris Kollar is a self-taught chocolatier and invites guests to discover his world of chocolate through a glass showroom.

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Kollar chocolates and paint.


Michael Chiarello’s lifetime of culinary expertise and stories come together under one roof at ottimo. A foodie’s paradise – shop Chiarello’s house-made oils and seasonings along with a curated selection of handcrafted products and decor.

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Bottega is an Italian word for an artist’s workshop, a place where a skilled craftsman practices and perfects his trade. Chef Michael Chiarello shares the culmination of his life’s work, bringing together the best of Italy and Napa Valley in one unforgettable dining experience.

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