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The Spa


  • 12 Treatment Rooms
  • 5 Private Spa Suites with Soaking Baths and Fireplaces
  • 3 Private Couples’ Spa Suites with Soaking Baths and Fireplaces
  • Men’s & Women’s Indoor/Outdoor Relaxation Lounges including: Eucalyptus-Infused Steam Rooms, Dry Saunas, Swiss Experience Showers, Outdoor Jacuzzis, and Fireplaces
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The Spa at The Estate provides holistic, bespoke care focused completely on your well-being. To tailor your individual needs, we partner with only the most exquisite and results-oriented skin and body care lines that exemplify our commitment to excellence.

Therapeutic Wellness Massage

Alleviate muscular stress or tension on specific areas of the body with this powerful and targeted massage using advanced therapeutic massage techniques. A cooling high potency blend of cooling menthol, anti-inflammatory arnica and grounding vetiver loosens the tissue and helps to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness while our master therapists combine deep tissue and myofascial release with warm basalt stones and an herbal hot pack. The transition from cool to hot helps improve range of motion, promote circulation and accelerate warmup and recovery.

  • 100 Minutes $450
  • 50 Minutes $225

Mineral Stone

Yin meets yang with the soothing energy of rose quartz and the pure serenity of heart chakra stone, jade. These minerals work in perfect harmony to lower stress and tension providing peace and inner healing. The warmth of the stones penetrates your muscles to soothe aches and pains; helping to unwind a busy mind and rejuvenate your body. A luxurious warm scalp massage is pure bliss creating a memorable journey to well-being and a sense of renewed positivity.

  • 100 Minutes $425

The Estate Massage

This signature full body massage is completely customized to meet your needs. Whether you prefer Swedish, deep tissue or a combination of both, this massage delivers relief from stress and muscle tension.

  • 100 Minutes $390
  • 50 Minutes $195

Mindful Motherhood

A soothing massage that utilizes a unique blend of organic and safe, skin-nourishing oils and herbs designed to meet extra skin care needs during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy as well as the postpartum period. This custom massage alleviates the common aches and pains of pregnancy while a gentle touch of essential oils address fatigue with a subtle calming and uplifting aroma.

  • 90 Minutes $365
  • 50 Minutes $195

Blue Diamond Facial

A premium firming and brightening facial that restores skin’s vitality and reveals a smooth and radiant skin tone. This facial is ideal for revitalizing dull, lackluster skin. A gentle enzyme exfoliation firms and rejuvenates while an age-defying facial massage accelerates the oxygenation of the skin to re-energize and lift. A cooling eye treatment instantly plumps and smooths fine lines and a luminous, youthful-looking complexion is restored.

  • 90 Minutes $350

Gold Hydralifting

The ultimate in luxury anti-aging, this facial includes a double exfoliation and a rose scented gold mask that deploys hyaluronic acid in three different forms to plump, nourish and sooth the skin. Bio-available gold repairs microdamage to strengthen the skin and a lifting and firming facial massage promotes cell vitality and enhances elasticity. A sprinkling of gold shimmer oil leaves your skin revitalized and radiant.

  • 90 Minutes $325

Illuminating C Facial

Designed to brighten and illuminate your complexion, this unique facial utilizes a potent blend of anti-oxidants including Vitamin C and a gentle copper exfoliation for collagen stimulation. A facial massage soothes the senses and accelerates microcirculation, whilst a rose-and peony-scented mask plumps and nourishes the skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • 50 Minutes $205

The Estate Facial

Awaken your skin with this customized advanced clinical facial. This luxurious, ageless facial focuses on overall rejuvenation and your areas of concern. Whether it’s brightening, hydrating, purifying, moisturizing or, all of the above, your skin is hydrated and revitalized. The most visible signs of aging are addressed and the skin is left replenished, smooth and supple.

  • 50 Minutes $195
  • 100 Minutes $295

Scents and Sensibility

An extraordinary experience of the senses in a luxurious private spa suite. A specially curated blend of essential bath oils awaits you as you are lowered into a full bath soak and transported to a deep sense of peace and tranquility. Aromatic floral bouquets surround you as a delicious glass of bubbly stimulates your taste buds. A beautiful mineral scrub exfoliation enlivens and rejuvenates the skin before a 100 minute customized massage with sumptuous body butter smooths and softens your entire body. Tingsha chimes ring in the distance as you awaken from your sensorial experience. Your heightened senses will welcome a delicious lunch to nourish and revitalize you as you venture out into our beautiful Estate.

  • 4 Hours $775

Mud Moor Thermal Springs Wrap

This extraordinary body wrap treatment begins with a vigorous, yet gentle, detoxifying exfoliation using sea salt, Hungarian moor mud and capsicum peptide. A deep cleansing mud mask is lathered onto the body while your therapist performs a scalp massage to relieve tension and stress. A warmed, firming body oil is then massaged into the skin to invigorate and detoxify further while relieving muscular tension.

  • 100 Minutes $450


Calm. Bathe. De-Stress.

Experience the power of ancient plant medicine with a relaxing bath soak and full body massage. This triple dose of stress relief contains a potent amount of organic full spectrum hemp extract, flower essences and a dynamic blend of herbs. Arnica, ginger, calendula and comfrey are combined with nourishing oils and luscious hydrators to create a deeply penetrating treatment for the entire body helping to regulate stress, sleep, pain and inflammation while the aromas of lavender, cedarwood, vetiver and orange provide deep relaxation, radiance and balance.

  • 100 Minutes $450

Magnesium Melt

Remineralize your muscles with the numerous benefits of magnesium. A creamy scrub of spirulina, epsom salt and organic essential oils melts into your skin while magnesium and a full body massage relieve stress and muscle tension. Refreshing and detoxifying, this decadent treatment will leave your body relaxed, soft and glowing.

  • 100 Minutes $425


Inspired by The Estate Vineyards, this organic treatment uses the powerful antioxidants of grape seed extract. Crushed grape seeds and cane sugar create a dual action exfoliation that is followed by a sumptuous grape extract body butter wrap for deep hydration and rejuvenation.

  • 100 Minutes $425
  • 50 Minutes $215

Suite Experience

Enhance your relaxation experience with an additional hour of private time in one of our luxurious spa suites. Includes an aromatherapy bath, a bottle of bubbly and a gourmet lunch.

  • 60 Minutes $175 per person

After Glow

Start your honeymoon with this romantic ritual designed to relax and reset. Slip into side-by-side aromatic bubble baths while
sipping on mimosas. Next, enjoy a private rain shower for two as you treat each other to a customized aromatherapy body scrub.
A 50-minute couples massage in one of our luxurious spa suites completes your intimate experience.
(Includes Gratuity)

  • 100 minutes $750


Reward the best man and maid of honor with their choice of an
Estate Massage or an Estate Facial.
(Includes gratuity and monogrammed Spa robe)

  • 50 minutes $425 per person

Estate Bride

Illuminate from head to toe with this luxurious experience fit for a Golden Goddess. A luminous sugar scrub helps improve circulation while a full body massage and scalp treatment enriched with
gold particles leaves your skin and hair radiantly healthy. A Gold Hydralifting Facial completes this lavish and soothing journey.
(Includes gratuity, gift bag and monogrammed Spa robe)

  • 3 Hours $995

Estate Groom

Submerge your senses and indulge in a full body therapeutic ritual designed to relax the mind and body. Your journey begins with a peppermint salt scrub and a stimulating menthol scalp treatment
to revitalize and detoxify. A massage utilizing hot stones and a warm mint muscle salve transports you to a state of bliss. Your relaxing journey concludes with a Spa-inspired cocktail.
(Includes gratuity, therapeutic muscle salve and monogrammed
Spa robe)

  • 2 ¼ Hours $895


Harmonize body and mind with a potent amount of full spectrum hemp extract combined with nourishing and healing oils to regulate stress, sleep, pain and inflammation and provide deep relaxation.

  • $40

Collagen Facial Mask

Combat inflammation and puffiness and while providing deep hydration, lifting, and plumping of fine lines.

  • $55

Anti-aging Eye Treatment

Collagen mask and cooling quartz massage to decrease puffiness around the eye area.

  • $40

Plumping Lip Treatment

Collagen mask, protection and plumper for the lips.

  • $40

Essential Peptide Peel

Results worthy of a red carpet! Includes lactic acid and retinol. (Facials only)

  • $55

Warm Scalp Treatment

A conditioning treatment and massage for scalp health and nourishment.

  • $40

Hot Stones

Warm basalt stones soothe aches and pains and relax the mind and body.

  • $40
Break a Sweat

Fitness Center

Conveniently located on the grounds in between Vintage House and Hotel Villagio, our newly renovated fitness center includes Peloton bikes, free weights, space to spread out and more.