About Estate Yountville

For many thousands of years, indigenous people known as the Wappo inhabited this beautiful and bountiful land where you are now standing. The Wappo people believed in legend, passed down their traditions to the children, and thrived in this paradise where food, water, and nature’s beauty was everywhere. Fittingly, the name of this place, “Napa Valley,” comes from the Wappo language, and means "land of plenty."

The Fox holds profound significance and is regarded as The Sage between the physical and spiritual realms, embodying a clever bond between the earthly and supernatural. The Fox, deeply interwoven with the land, is a symbol of harmony with nature, emphasizing the philosophical connection between all of us and our beautiful land here in Napa Valley.

Deeply Rooted Since 1881

Hidden beneath the soil of Estate Yountville are the legendary tales of over 200 years in winemaking. From the first bud break to the thrill of swirling wine under a harvest moon, the stories, history, and ingenuity of the first vines planted in Napa Valley seep into and enliven every detail within Estate Yountville.

Wake up to the sight of hot air balloons floating by, then take a short walk to one of downtown Yountville’s award-winning culinary destinations. Delight in a restorative spa treatment, or take in Yountville by bicycle, crisscrossing our charming village-within-a-village.

For those who love wellness, or those who love eating well, Estate Yountville brings together the best of all that Yountville has to offer, on 22-acres of impeccably positioned, and exquisitely landscaped grounds and vineyards. With each visit to Estate Yountville, guests are invited to curate a unique experience architected around their desire to discover, indulge, seek balance, and define their own Estate of mind.


To know Yountville is to love it. With more culinary—and Michelin—star power in a few square miles than anywhere in the country, Yountville welcomes those seeking a truly epicurean adventure. From the historic first vines in Napa Valley, to the burgeoning arts and culture scene, Yountville welcomes in-the-know tastemakers from across the globe.


There are endless ways to enjoy the Estate Yountville experience. Beginning with your choice of luxury accommodations at the sophisticated and refined Hotel Villagio, airy and natural Vintage House, or our luxurious, private 5-bedroom Villa, each trip has the possibility to reveal something new. Our boutique hotel rooms are designed as self-contained sanctuaries, complemented by thoughtful amenities and spectacular bathrooms with a mixture of freestanding bathtubs and glass-enclosed showers.


Find harmony and a pace that’s uniquely yours. Spend restful mornings in moments of meditation, or escape to the spa for a nature-inspired treatment. When it’s time to dine, we offer a continental-style breakfast each morning, while award-winning restaurants include Chef Michael Chiarello’s Bottega and Ottimo.

Explore your spirited side with our seasonal Estate Events, from meditation in the vines and sunset sabering to our weekly Sip & Savor reception. Our Signature Napa Experiences offer can’t-miss wine country adventures, from private hot air balloon rides and vineyard treks to exclusive tasting room tours of our charming town of Yountville, California.

Whether your itinerary flirts with indulgence, or embraces restful relaxation, Estate Yountville’s modern amenities provide the perfect backdrop.


From everyday celebrations to life changing milestones, the flexibility and abundance of Estate Yountville’s 11 indoor and outdoor venue space totaling over 60,000 square feet is unparalleled. Embracing the natural landscape of our vineyards, and punctuated by both modern and historical architecture, Estate Yountville always rises to the occasion. For an authentic wine country event experience, Estate Yountville is Napa Valley’s premier event venue of choice.

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