Mustard Season Celebration

Mustard Season Celebration
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On the afternoon of March 2nd, join us in the vineyard at Estate Yountville for our Mustard Celebration Lunch. This exclusive event is an invitation to immerse yourself in the colorful setting of mustard flowers among the vines, while our Vineyard Manager gives a glimpse into the important role that mustard plays in vineyard health and growth.

Crafted by Executive Chef Michael Quigley, the Mustard Celebration menu pays homage to the bounty of Napa Valley with each dish artfully designed to bring out the nuances of mustard season.

This Mustard Celebration Lunch is an embodiment of our philosophy — a casual yet sophisticated experience that promises to leave you with lasting memories, plus the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of wine making. As a keepsake, we’ll provide everything you need to make your own mustard flower bouquet. Enjoy an afternoon where time slows down, and savor the simple joys of life.

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